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COOL NEWS: A Comedy Show


ANDREW HOLMGREN is a giggly dead head I wiggle around town with. He and I run a show at the Armory Club in the basement of the bar. He and I live together in the Sylavan House. Dude was just on Vice's Flop House. 

KEITH D'SOUZA has opened for Doug Stanhope. He is the first guy I lived with when I moved to the bay. He and I are currently writing a comic book, that will soon be a cartoon. It's called Dr Fart. 

LUKE LOCKFELD is a San Francisco local. Born and raised. Luke and I recently bought a tattoo gun. Luke has been doing Stand up since he was a baby boy. 

BRANDON STOKES or STOKIE BABY IF YOUR NASTY is a young swag lord who runs comedy at milk bar. Stokes was also on Vices Flop House. 

MOOREDEVINE is a musical duo consisting of Amo(Andrew Moore) and Spencer Devine. They are the most fun, giggly weirdos in cool town. Also killed it on flophouse

Music by : Clumsy

Love Pop, the second EP from frighteningly young Bay Area band Clumsy, finds them broadening their propulsive psych sound with slower tunes, saxophones, and generous use of samples. It’s less jubilant than their debut Concentration, though more danceable than psychedelic rock has any right to be. But the wide-eyed sense of joy that made that album so fun is still present in heaps. The boys of Clumsy don’t try to sound older than they are – “I turned sixteen two days ago,” singer Matt Horton enthusiastically cries on the title track. But they’re maturing, and Love Pop proves they’re more than happy to venture outside of their comfort zone to explore new moods and textures.