WE WANT YOUR CLOTHES! Men's, Women's and Kid's! Designer clothes, Antique clothes in any condition, and all Eras- 1920s to the 1990s. We love thrashed, shredded and beat up clothes, all types of denim, crazy prints, natural fabrics, band Ts and clothes that make you go "what the hell were they thinking?!" 

We offer 33% cash in hand or 50% store credit.

Have too much and cant bring it in? No Problem! Call or email the shop, set up an appointment and we will happily come to you! 

Have a grip of Grandma's designer duds and want to get top dollar? Let us know-- we are, on a case to case basis, willing to consign at 50%. 

ALSO BUYING- Sell us your record collection! Sell us your cassette tape collection! Sell us your vintage housewares, textiles, ceramics, folk art, and oddities. 

   BUYING HOURS vary weekly, please call, email or DM on Instagram for weekly buying hours: 

Vacation@Vacation-SF.com or call the shop 415 795 3633